The Trust was formed in 1989 by the late Deputy John Le Fondré to purchase Troy Court, to save its tenants from eviction and over the next eleven years saved the tenants of Landscape Grove, Valley Court and Perquage Court from a similar impending fate. It has since purchased other properties and is now involved in new developments.

“The Objects of the Trust shall be to provide residential accommodation primarily though not necessarily or exclusively by way of rented accommodation, to persons in the Island in need of such accommodation and to assist, financially or otherwise, such persons.” [Extract from Constitution of the Trust]

The seven honorary members of the Trust have differing skills and knowledge complimentary to the needs of the Trust to fulfil its objects and to maintain its position as a “Caring Landlord”.

Throughout the pages of this site we aim to provide an insight into the Trust’s work, its history and future. The site also provides a valuable resource for new and existing tenants. Should you have any comments or queries please feel free to contact us via our online enquiry form.